What part of the surgery does Dr. Cole perform?

What part of the hair transplant surgery does the Forhair doctors perform? Who does the punching, the incisions?

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Having a surgeon perform the majority of a hair transplant procedure is vital. Hair transplantation is a complex procedure that requires surgical techs and other specialists. Only a surgeon, however, and a surgeon trained and experienced in hair transplantation, should both perform most of the procedure and oversee it.

An early innovator of FUE, Dr. Cole has personally performed tens of thousands of transplants. He emphasizes teamwork and training, of course, but will always perform the vast majority of the procedure himself. All reputable hair transplant clinics, to maintain a competitive reputation for results, have a skilled hair transplant surgeon do the same.

Dr. Cole's system is to do all the graft extractions and incisions himself. Then he and his team of surgical techs place the grafts in incision sites. This helps ensure a top quality result for patients, as well actually speeds up the procedure due to Dr. Cole's decades of experience.

Of increasing concern are clinics where surgeons perform a minimal amount of work. Instead, they have surgical techs or other professionals perform the procedure. This is most typical of unscrupulous clinics that exaggerate results anyhow. However, it is also becoming more common in run-of-the-mill cosmetic surgery clinics. Such clinics typically underestimate the training and experience hair transplantation requires, relegating the surgical tech to the majority, if not all, of the procedure.  

Another, and unfortunate, trend are for clinics to invest in expensive hair transplant equipment. Such equipment, primarily Neograft, advertises itself to surgeons as easy to use and understand. However, such equipment is actually still inferior to manual and mechanical FUE. To make matters worse, many surgeons relegate the use of such devices to surgical techs. The best policy when selecting a clinic, for the time being, is to avoid clinics that use robotic or automated FUE devices.

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Our doctors perform all the important aspects of the hair transplant procedure. The doctor does the punching of the grafts in the CIT procedure and all incisions are made by the doctor only. His team of highly trained surgical techs assists him with the placement of the grafts.


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