Shaving the head for a CIT procedure

Who will shave my head for the CIT - FUE hair transplant procedure? And what parts will be shaved? You asked Forhair, here is the answer.

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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) has progressed a great deal since the early 2000s. An advancement over Follicular Unit Transplants (FUT), which led to less convincing results and a noticeable scar, correctly executed FUE leads to both better results and significantly less, if not unnoticeable, scarring.

This mentioned, early FUE also required the patient to shave their head. The quality results made doing so worthwhile but many patients shied away from the procedure due to the momentary inconvenience. FUT, meanwhile, did not require the patient to shave their head. Over time, as FUE has consistently shown better results and more surgeons have trained into the procedure, FUE finally became predominate.

FUT, however, is still a popular second option for many patients. This is both due to their personal medical factors as well as their budgets. However, it also has to do with FUT clinics' marketing tactics. The truth is that FUE's expansion has led to an increase in bad results; many surgeons without training are offering it to increase their competitiveness. FUT surgeons are seizing on these bad examples, though they are far from the norm, while also downplaying the negative effects of FUT and advertising that patients do not have to shave.

The truth, though, is that there are also FUE options that do not require shaving. Dr. Cole's namesake FUE variant, Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), is one of the top options in the world. It also comes in shaven, patch-shaven, and no-shave options. Shaven is how it sounds. Patch-shaven, meanwhile, is when only the extraction site is shaved. No-shave, meanwhile, involves cutting each strand of hair and extracting it.

Each type of CIT® has its different strengths. Dr. Cole can offer more extractions to viable patients through shaven CIT®. However, patch-shaven and no-shave CIT® are very appealing for busy professionals and those who would prefer to keep their current hair. Questions about the procedure? Contact us today!  


Forhair's trained techs will shave the donor area which consists of the back of the head and over the ears. The recipient area is not usually shaved.


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