How long will I be in the chair each day?

During my hair transplant procedure, How long will I be in the chair each day? you asked Forhair, here is the answer.

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Forhair patients typically receive 1500 to 3000 FUE grafts in four to eight hours. While time intensive, Dr. Cole has a reputation for quickness that only a select number of FUE specialists can claim. There are a number of reasons why Forhair procedures are quicker than average; Dr. Cole's and his team's experience and skill, specialized instruments, and superior consultations.   

Modern hair transplantation techniques, while effective, are time-consuming. FUE, the most current hair transplant method, involves extracting small follicular units, typically a single follicle or small cluster of two to four follicles, and then transplanting them to balding or thinning areas. As patients may expect, such a procedure is both time-consuming and labor-intensive.

However long a FUE transplantation may require, though, patients should always value quality over convenience. Dr. Cole helped refine and popularize FUE exactly because the method is capable of leading to a hairline indistinguishable from a natural one without any noticeable scarring. Of course, the quality of a FUE transplantation should always take priority over its duration.

FUE specialists will typically build into faster procedures as they gain experience, but not always. Clinics can average procedure times vs. graft amount, of course, but each procedure and patient are also unique. Patients should always keep in mind that reputable clinics will advertise quality before they advertise the speed at which they complete a surgery.     

The type of FUE and clinic's instruments or devices also matter. Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), is Dr. Cole's namesake FUE variant and he typically uses an advanced motorized device of his own design to extract follicles. Other clinics may use robotic devices, such as ARTAS, or automatic devices, such as Neograft. While quicker that motorized or manual FUE, robotic and automatic devices have not yet developed to the level that they offer comparable quality.

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For a 1500-3000 graft CIT procedure or a 2000-3000 graft STRIP procedure : 4-8 hours +. You may bring a pillow.


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