Do you provide lunch during surgery?

Do you provide lunch during surgery? You asked Forhair, here is the answer.

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Hair transplantation offers better results than ever. That mentioned, the intricacies of a FUE procedure requires more time than previous hair transplant methods, such as FUT. Because of the duration of the procedure, which can last eight hours or longer, it is customary for most FUE clinics to offer some type of refreshment.

Forhair typically provides sandwiches from a local caterer, chips, and juice. Of course, patients can make requests as well, due to diet or preference. There are plenty of options nearby but it is unusual for patients to want to eat heavily. Patients have to stay still for extended amounts of time. Trips to the restroom are allowed, of course, but each one also prolongs the procedure.

Offering refreshments to the patient is a courtesy that makes sense; hunger does make people restless, after all. However, patients should always keep in mind that such services are periphery; what matters is the quality of the hair transplant. Unfortunately, disingenuous clinics and those that do not offer the best results typically advertise periphery elements. This can include the clinic's location and, yes, the food it offers.

Medical tourism is particularly vogue right now and involves enticing patients with some sort of vacation package or showcasing a luxuriant-seeming clinic. However grand a clinic may seem, though, patients should always prioritize research; look into the surgeon's reputation and training, the clinic's standing and age, as well seek patient references. Such research should always be through valid sources as well; many sites push marketing rather than truths so patients should be wary of sites without a known advocate in good standing or do not attract the notice of established and respected surgeons.    

Of critical importance, as well, is that patients follow up on pre-procedure requirements. This includes no alcohol three days before the procedure and no caffeine the day of the procedure. Those taking dietary supplements such as ginger, ginseng, vitamin E, etc. All food, however, is okay, so patients should feel fine eating what they choose.


We provide sandwiches, chips and juice. You are welcome to bring your own if you prefer. (Our recommended hotels have kitchenettes where you can cook for your self).


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