Can I get more grafts than I scheduled?

During the hair transplant consultation, the doctor estimate the number of grafts needed to cover the balding area, Can I get more grafts than I scheduled? read Forhair's answer.

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Hair transplantation is a complex procedure. As such, it requires a few steps before the actual day of transplant. Receiving more grafts than scheduled depends on what these steps indicate, the type of procedure, and if there is available time.

The pivotal step is the consultation. This is when your surgeon or specialist will examine a number of factors involving your hair loss and viability for transplantation. One of the most essential is knowing the amount of available donor hairs.

Every patient has a certain amount of donor hairs. The goal for surgeons, typically, is to calculate the largest number available without decreasing the donor area's appearance of density. Such calculations are actually vital for the success of the procedure. Harvesting too many donor hairs, for instance, can lead to a sparse appearance in the back. Forhair and reputable clinics will typically use a software program, Hairmes in Forhair's case, and other advanced equipment to calculate the amount of viable donor hair.

Second, the procedure itself matters. Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), a unique variant of FUE developed by Dr. Cole, comes in several options; shaven, partial shave, and no-shave. Patch shave and no-shaven, due to the intricacies of the procedure, do not allow for the same amount of grafts as shaven. However, they are ideal for busy professionals and those wishing to simplify the recovery phase.

Forhair also offers two other procedures: Body Hair Transplantation (BHT) and FUT. BHT typically is for patients with too little viable donor hair. Instead, specialists calculate how much donor hair the patient can spare and then compliments it with donor body hair, which is placed behind the hairline to add a thicker appearance; adding more body hair grafts is possible, time permitted, but could have an adverse effect on the result. Forhair only recommends FUT in special circumstances and the grafts come from a strip, meaning that all will be transplanted.   

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Getting more grafts than scheduled depends on a number of factors. First, there must be enough time; we schedule time slots based off procedure size. If Dr. Cole makes good time then additional grafts are possible. Further, sometimes during a stretch of procedures or if the patient is out of donor follicles Dr. Cole may not think the additional grafts are in their best interest. Last, of course, is if the grafts are found easily or if the patient first requires another assessment of potential grafts.


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