Waiting for photo consult answer

I have been waiting a month to hear from Dr. Cole about my photo consult. What is taking so long?

Category: Hair Transplant Preparation FAQs

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A premier hair transplant clinic with global repute and a policy to consider patients' best options based on their budget, Forhair receives numerous consultation requests every day. Dr. Cole often prefers to do consultations himself, and has a very large stack of photo consults on his desk at all times. He reviews patient photos whenever possible but obligations such as scheduled procedures, which he performs Monday-Friday, as well traveling for in-person consultations, conferences, and training workshops can slow review of photo consultation requests. We thank patients for their patience in advance!

Specialist consultations are vital for any transplant's success. The degree of hair loss, age when hair loss began, and other factors are essential for planning and follow-through. Specialists with Dr. Cole's acumen can often eyeball a series of photos and immediately predict the best course of action. However, a consultation at the Forhair office or a place of the patient's choice is also essential to notice any fine details unapparent in photos. A clinic that emphasizes the latest innovations, Forhair also uses advanced programs like Hairmes, specialized software from France, to calculate patients' total amount of viable donor follicles to ensure the best results possible.  

Photos are an excellent way to assess the best type of procedure. As technology proliferates, however, new options arise. 720p webcam footage is perfectly adequate for most initial consultations, not to mention are perfectly ideal for busy patients. Depending on the case, though, an in-person consultation may still be necessary. This is usually to verify what seems obvious on-screen, though sometimes specialists must also run diagnostics and other tests that require a patient's physical presence.

Consultations are a critical part of planning for a hair restoration. More essential, however, is making sure to receive the right type of consultation from the right specialist. Some patients prefer going to a specialist consultation for a recommendation and then shopping around for the best values well-regarded surgeons offer. Finding a second opinion can be a smart move, but countuity also matters a great deal. Patients should always make sure the surgeon they choose for their procedure also does a consultation. Contact your Forhair patient coordinator or our clinic if you have any questions!


Dr. Cole performs surgeries Monday-Friday and often travels to do consults, training and workshops on the weekend. He has a very large stack of charts for photo consults on his desk at all times that he evaluates as time allows. If you submitted your photos and it has been a month and you have not heard from Dr. Cole, check with your patient coordinator.


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