Type of hair transplant photo shots?

What photo shots should I submit when filling the online photo consultation form?

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You should send your patient coordinator shots of your hair wet and combed to fully showcase, in turn, the front, sides, temples, top, and back. Those with scars or specific spots that require attention should also send photos of those areas. Your back of the head is important since it will determine if you have enough donor to proceed. Those considering a Body Hair Transplant should send photos of the body hair they prefer for surgery. (Note: If the pictures are not in focus and clear Dr. Cole will ask you to take them again, so do not send poor quality photos) *You can also use the free online photo consultation form to submit your photos.


Patient consultation photos are an essential first step for a hair transplant procedure. The advent of 720p video calls enable specialists to easily review patients' hairlines and, often, suggest a procedure. Follow up consultations in person can be necessary, of course, but often for patients with a small amount of viable donor follicles or seeking to repair a hair transplant from a different clinic.

Hair transplant photos, meanwhile, might be static but they provide an invaluable reference when planning a procedure. Specialists who consult on video can capture stills, yes. A number of technical issues can arise, though, as they typically are less exact than actual photos and lighting can be scattershot. Frame exactness, decent lighting, and a high resolution are all necessary for specialists to properly assess the best type of procedure for you.

Patients can attempt to take such their consultation photos themselves, of course, but we recommend a friend or loved one takes the shots instead. Not only will it take less time, a second party is better able to discern if a photo meets all the necessary standards for review. Of course, if the photos a patient submits are not to par we will contact them ask they send clearer photos at a higher resolution.

Styling the hair for consultation photos is also important. Make sure to wet it and comb back the front, sides, temples, top, and back. This is important for the specialist as they need to see the exact state of your current hair. Photos of the back are particularly vital, as they enable the specialist to know if there is enough donor hair. Those considering a Body Hair Transplant should submit photos of body hair they'd prefer using for the procedure.

Snapping your patient consultation photos is an important first step for beginning the process to your hair transplant. Contact us today if you have any questions!


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