Who will shave my head for the CIT hair transplant procedure?

Who will shave my head for the shaven CIT hair transplant procedure? And what parts will be shaved? You asked Forhair, here is the answer.

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Dr. Cole's trained techs will shave the donor area, most often consisting of the back of the head and over the ears. Of course, this depends on what type of CIT® the patient undergoes. Forhair offers shaved CIT®, patch-shaved CIT®, and no-shave CIT® (C2G).

Patch-shaved CIT® consists of shaving a small patch or strip over the donor area. while C2G consists of cutting each hair strand upon extraction. Techs will always shave portions of the hair for patch-shaved CIT®. C2G, on the other hand, will involve Dr. Cole or whoever else is extracting the follicles to cut each strand of hair upon extraction. Both patch-shaved CIT® and C2G are excellent for busy professionals, though many also opt for shaven CIT® as it offers a few advantages: namely, time vs. the total amount of transplants.

Questioning a Clinic's work assignations and roles are important for prospective patients. FUE, in particular, takes years to master, leading many less scrupulous surgeons to assign technicians a far greater role in the procedure, if not to have them handle the procedure itself. Surgical techs in hair restoration must be very skilled, but they still lack the expertise and background of hair restoration experts. Finding out who at the clinic conducts the procedure is an excellent first step toward finding a clinic. Another is inquiring about the surgeon and surgical staff's training and expertise.

Hair prep for patch-shaved CIT®, for instance, may seem like a simple task. However, surgical techs must be aware of several intricacies: size, scope, and location. The entire point of patch-shaved CIT® is that, with many haircuts, its selective shaving allows patients to cover the transplant's initial appearance. Techs, therefore, must accurately shave the right region, they must shave it at the right size to ensure enough donor follicles. Mastering such necessities to ensure a smooth procedure, in part, is what makes skilled assistants so vital in a hair restoration clinic.


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