How to Schedule Hair Transplant Procedure?

Scheduling a hair transplant procedure is the first step to restore your hair back, I want to schedule a procedure. Now, what do I do?

Category: Hair Transplant Preparation FAQs

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Forhair is always attentive to patients' schedules when arranging procedure times. First, though, candidates must undergo one or more consultations to ensure hair transplantation is right for them, and, further, which hair transplant method best meets their needs. Such consultations may require physician recommendations, medical records, and other documents. After the consultation(s) patients will receive a recommendation as to the type and size of transplant most productive for them.

After our specialist's recommendation, and any feasible adjustments made at the patient's request, Forhair will then schedule a procedure time. Larger transplants can require multiple sessions, so patients that decide on substantially large transplants may have to plan on dedicating at least a few days to undergo procedures.

Patients should also consider planning their days post-procedure: most patients return to work, excluding strenuous tasks, the very next day but minor complications such as post-procedure swelling may require up to a week's rest. Such instances of swelling are rare, however, and even most patients who experience it can still accomplish work. Similarly, patients should pick their social engagement wisely post-procedure, especially if the transplant type requires shaving the donor area.

A premier clinic with a global reputation for excellence, many of Forhair's patients must fly into Atlanta and book lodgings. We are happy to offer suggestions, if not outright arrange travel and board. The Atlanta area has plenty of great hotels, attractions, and sites, and we always enjoy offering recommendations to visiting patients.

Crucially, patients should also remember that they themselves must prepare for the procedure. Present-day hair transplantation is both safe and relatively undemanding on the patient. However, little things can make a big difference for a hair transplant result. Read more about how to prepare for your hair transplant procedure, and when, by checking out our Procedure Overview page or contacting us.   


After your consultation, knowledge of how many grafts your desire, and decision about which transplant method you should contact your patient coordinator to receive dates that are available. Dr. Cole will have to approve any request for more grafts than we recommend. He will only allow the amount that will give you your desired results yet still be healthy for you and in your best interest.


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