If I call today, how soon can I schedule a procedure?

Scheduling a hair transplant procedure is the first step to restore your hair. If I call today, how soon can I schedule a procedure?

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Scheduling a hair transplantation procedure requires forethought and, often, follow-through. Before scheduling a procedure, though, prospects must undergo a specialists' consultation.

Consultations with a hair transplant specialist are critical for appraising viability for any type of hair transplantation. Patients must be ready to talk about their overall health, current age, diet, age when hair loss began, progress of said hair loss, and more. Initial consultations rarely require medical records. However, follow up consultations may require documents or recommendations from other physicians. These are necessary to verify what patients say about themselves, to verify that their other physicians endorse the procedure, and to adjust the procedure to address any special needs for the patient.

In the recent past, all consultations took place in person. Busy persons will be glad to know that specialists can consult online thanks to the advent of 720p video streaming. Outpatient consultations, however, are very useful for a number of reasons; most specifically to gauge the candidate's current amount of viable donor hairs. Forhair currently uses Hairmes, a unique program from France, that calculates scalp area vs. hair count to find the right amount of donor hair in the right area. This is actually quite important for ensuring a quality transplant. Procedures that have too many donor extractions can lead to visible thinness in donor areas. Too little extractions, meanwhile, can unnecessarily limit a procedure.  

To date, the only hair transplant technique that encourages an increase in hair count is Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), Dr. Cole's namesake FUE variant. CIT®'s unparalleled minimum invasiveness leaves stem cell remnants in donor areas that, with the application of ACell, enable between 30% to 40% of donor follicles to regenerate: 300 to 400 follicles for every 1000 individual extractions. All other transplants exclusively allow relocation of hair from one area to another. Of course, Forhair offers other hair transplant types: FUT and Body Hair Transplantation in particular.

After consultation, scheduling for the procedure can happen. Forhair is a busy clinic and patients must sometimes book their hair transplant several months ahead. Depending on the patient's needs and Dr. Cole's schedule, though, they can undergo their procedure within a shorter time-frame. Contact us or book an online consultation.


Probably about 1-2 months, give or take. However, Dr. Cole is usually booked 2-3 months out so prepare ahead. Check his online schedule.


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