How do I get started with my Hair Transplant?

I would like to get hair transplant surgery, How do I get started? You asked Forhair, here is the answer.

Category: Hair Transplant Preparation FAQs

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Everyone leads busy lives and Forhair offers numerous ways to receive a consultation. First off, patients must fill out our consultation form and submit several photos of their current hair. The photos should be properly lighted, have a high resolution, and showcase all instances of hair loss or thinning by wetting the hair and combing it in different ways. Most patients have someone else take the actual photos to ensure that all images are adequate.  

Patients should also be prepared to gather medical records and doctor's recommendations, as well to answer questions about their personal history of health. These are never purposefully intrusive or exclusitory but assessing the patient's health and viability is important for both their safety and to predict results.

Dr. Cole prefers to assess patient consultation photos himself. On occasion, this can require some time, as he is often busy with procedures, conferences, and other obligations. If you submit photos, though, and want to know when they will be reviewed then please contact us and we will connect you to one of our patient coordinators.

Consultations can also take place via webcam, great for those who are busy with life, in-person. Far as webcam consultations, specialists such as Dr. Cole only require a 720p stream to examine your hair. Those who prefer an in-person consultation, meanwhile, can either visit our office or schedule a time to meet Dr. Cole or a Forhair representative at a location of your choice. Ask about this latter option when contacting us but also be aware that a nominal fee may be attached, depending on the location.

After receiving a consultation, or series of such depending on the circumstances, Dr. Cole or a specially trained, vetted specialist will then examine you in-person. This is critical for verifying what they concluded in their initial consultation and also to gather more specifics. Forhair often uses Hairmes, a specialized French program, to calculate the patient's amount of viable donor hair.  


First, patients must receive a consultation and, after that, a thorough evaluation. Patients should submit photos for review and then pick between an online consultation, so long as the video stream is at least 720p, or an in-person consultation at the clinic or a location of your choice. The specified patient coordinator sends all relevant information in the welcome and follow up emails. As a courtesy, Dr. Cole or trained and vetted Forhair specialist will travel to your area. Expect an additional fee if this happens.


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