Do you have a patient referral list?

 Do you have a patient referral list? Can I see other patients in person?

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Patient referrals are essential for a number of reasons. Premier hair transplant specialists such as Dr. Cole enjoy a great amount of esteem within the field. Concepts and practice are two different things, however. Techniques change, new treatments become available, and sometimes, but rarely, skillsets erode. Recent patient referrals ensure prospects that a given hair transplant surgeon is still running a good clinic and delivering solid results.  

There can be any number of patient referrals. Overall results are essential, of course, and a good hair transplant should always add to coverage and thickness without there being any signs of it being a transplant. The simple truth, though, is that transplants take time to grow out.

Typically, all follicular transplants are actively growing within a year. This is when patients can feel comfortable offering a referral about overall results. Dr. Cole's variant of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), a blood treatment that encourages growth, that we call Cytokine Rich Plasma (CRP), has five to eight times the amount of cytokines and growth factors of PRP and thereby spurs excellent growth in a shorter time frame. Patients that receive CRP can enjoy full activation of their transplants within four and a half months, less than half the time of transplants from all other clinics. This is the only reason Forhair can feasibly offer patient referrals within a smaller time frame. A seemingly small difference, half a year can have a big impact on how a clinic operates or a transplant surgeon performs said procedure.

Also of critical importance is the trustworthiness of said referrals. Clinics should never offer a commission to referrals but shadier businesses will do so. For this reason alone patients should also consider the total amount patients a surgeon has helped, their overall reputation within the field, and the amount of work they commit to the procedure itself.

Referrals can take on different forms as well, of course. Referrals will often comment on a clinic's hospitality, the surgeon and surgical staff's personableness, and duration of the procedure. These things matter too and, generally, are also signs of a clinic's aptitude. Please, contact us today to receive a list of referrals!


Yes, please ask your patient coordinator to provide you with the list of names. We have patients that are willing to speak with you on the phone, via email, and some will even meet with you in person.


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