What is CIT hair transplant?

What is Cole Isolation Technique - CIT hair transplant?

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CIT® stands for Cole Isolation Technique and refers to Dr. Cole’s proprietary FUE technique and instruments.


Dr. Cole's proprietary FUE variant, Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), offers unprecedented results no other option currently matches. Among the most minimally invasive techniques available, CIT® typically leaves little to no noticeable scars while enabling very fine graft placement.

A result of Dr. Cole's research into donor recharging, CIT® is also the only hair transplant method, currently, that can increase hair count. So minimally invasive that it leaves stem cell remnants, CIT® in combination with ACell leads to an average donor recharge rate of between 30% and 40%. Put simply, this means 300 to 400 new hairs for every 1000 single transplants.

Follicle stem cell remnants that redevelop will do so in donor areas. Such an increase in yield will benefit overall hair density, though recipient areas (such as the hairline) will only benefit from whatever hair is transplanted there from the donor areas. The real strength of donor recharging, therefore, is maintaining viability of future procedures for patients who would otherwise lack enough donor hair. There are options for such patients, such as BHT, but these emerging techniques are less consistent than CIT®. Maintaining donor hair, for now, is most patients' best bet for keeping their transplant viability.

The strengths of CIT® go far beyond minimal scarring and additional yield. The technique's minimal invasiveness fosters quicker recuperation and decreases the chance for transections, or when follicles are irrevocably damaged during the extraction or transplantation phase. A master in his field, Dr. Cole's own CIT® transection rate is often below 3% -exceptional even in comparison with the few surgeons that match Dr. Cole's caliber.

Like regular FUE, CIT® also comes is different forms. Patients can select from shaven CIT®, the original and most straightforward, as well partial and no-shave options for patients who would rather keep their current hair style. Learn more about CIT® by contacting us or scheduling a free consultation!


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