How long has Dr Cole been performing FUE hair transplant?

How long has Dr. Cole been performing hair transplant and since when he started with FUE-CIT?

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Dr. John Cole has performed hair restoration surgery since 1992 and opened his current practice, Forhair, in 1997. You can get more information about Dr. Cole on his bio page. Dr. Cole began developing his CIT® variant in 2002 as a technique to remove individual follicular units. At the time, there was only one other physician in the US actively pursuing the procedure and only a handful worldwide. By 2003, 90% of Dr. Cole’s procedures involved CIT. Throughout the years, Dr. Cole has consistently performed CIT procedures; 90% to 100% of his transplants each month use CIT®.


For over 25 years Dr. Cole has been performing hair restoration surgery. In 1997 he founded Forhair, where he currently performs procedures, innovates new treatments, and more. Hair transplantation is constantly evolving and Dr. Cole has been present for its most relevant advances.

One of the first surgeons to begin performing FUE in the U.S., Dr. Cole brings over 15 years experience to his patients. Even more critically, he has contributed a number of ideas and innovations to the field that both improve hair restoration and make those improvements more available to patients.

A foremost FUE specialist, Dr. Cole began teaching and performing FUE in 2002. As FUE itself advanced and variated Dr. Cole focused his research of donor recharging: the regeneration of extracted follicles. All hair transplant techniques up until then were merely used for relocating hair. No matter where hair is moved, however, that does not mean there is a net increase. Hair, overall, will only appear to be denser. Dr. Cole's critical innovation is a hair transplant technique that actually increases hair density.  

Dr. Cole's namesake innovation, Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), is the first ever hair transplant procedure that encourages donor follicles to regenerate. So minimally invasive that it leaves follicle stem cell remnants, CIT® in addition with ACell regenerates 30% to 40% of all extracted follicles. That means 300 to 400 new hairs develop with every 1000 single extractions, a first for all of hair transplantation. This innovation, in part, is what led to Dr. Cole receiving the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) Golden Follicle Award in 2013.

Patients who select Dr. Cole are in exceptional hands. Dedicated to research, Dr. Cole also brings a fine sense of artistry to his patients. Hairlines matter but they are also among the most challenging aspects of a hair transplantation. Dr. Cole's experience, fine understanding of natural appearing hairlines, and emphasis on personalization ensures patients enjoy convincing results that appear as if they were always there. Learn more by contacting us or scheduling a consultation today!


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