Hair transplant surgery duration

How long will I be in the chair each day?

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A hair transplant procedure's duration depends on the transplant's size, scope, type. Though an older technique that requires more convalescence time, and guaranteed to leave a visible linear scar, FUT typically demands less hours than FUE. Dr. Cole, however, is one of the few surgeons available who can perform FUE at close to the same pace as FUT. Among other reasons, this is why so many patients opt for CIT® when given the option.

Even though Dr. Cole's CIT® pace can match FUT, though, each technique is still different. Here is a list of current transplant techniques that Forhair offers:

CIT® - Donor amount sets the maximum number of transplants and Dr. Cole can do multiple procedures over consecutive days.

Patch-shaved CIT® - Maximum 3000 grafts per procedure.

No-shave CIT® - Maximum 2500 grafts per procedure

BHT (Body Hair Transplant): Graft amount per procedure depends on the patient's amount of viable grafts at the back and sides of their head.

Strip (FUT or FUG): 3000 grafts per procedure session.

Plug Redistribution: A max of 50 plugs per four hours. Results are far more discreet than plugs, both due to even distribution and Dr. Cole's renowned artistry.

Each of these considers a whole day procedure, or eight hours +. As mentioned above, however, transplants do not have to be over a single day. Many patients who want larger procedures decide to undergo consecutive sessions until they receive their target of grafts.

Near all patients find the procedure long, but bearable. Anesthesia ensures the patient feels minimum pain throughout its duration. Patients, meanwhile, can chat, enjoy media on a tablet, or message/talk with people through their phone. Patients can also enjoy a few breaks, but should remember that the overall objective is to finish the transplant in a timely manner.   

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Hair transplant duration depends on the hair transplant type and size. Dr. Cole is willing to work consecutive days on multiple sessions to complete large transplants. FUT is typically the quickest option, though Dr. Cole is one of a few doctors who can conduct FUE within the same timeframe as FUT. While quicker, though, FUT also leaves a vertical scar and requires far more convalescence. However long your specific procedure, expect Forhair to stay attentive to your needs and emphasize your comfort.  


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