Do you offer eyelashes transplant?

Do you offer eyelashes transplant or Eye lash implants in your clinic?

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People rarely request eyelash transplants, and for good reason. Forhair recommends against eyelash implants for several reasons.

Risk in an eyebrow transplant is high. Patients risk damaging the eyelid, which in turn can effect ocular functioning and vision. In fact, eyebrow transplants using artificial hair have been banned in the U.S. since the 80's. Then, surgeons were transplanting artificial hair into the eyelid. So cases of severe scarring developed, however, and there is a major chance of infection as artificial hair implants are essentially implant devices. Modern Day eyelash transplants that typically use hair from the scalp. However, their implantation still carries risk for the eyelid and complications can develop if the hair is not implanted into the exact right angle.

Cost, considering what patients gain, is also an issue. Eyelid transplantations are exceedingly rare and specialists even more so. Correspondingly, these types of transplants can be very expensive. Doctors on RealSelf quote $15 to $20 a lash, leading to a minimum of $2000 for both eyes. If present-day eyelid transplants offered more in the veins of effectiveness, safety, and upkeep.    

Upkeep is essential for contemporary eyelash implants. Modern Day techniques involve transplanting head hair. There is some evidence that head hair transplants will eventually localize as eyelashes. However, the time this requires and the degree of localization varies according to the patient. In the meantime, patients must routinely cut and curl their eyelashes so the do not overgrow or irritate the eye.  

Expertise in eyelash transplants in exceedingly rare. Very few doctors have the regular opportunity to conduct eyelash transplants, and only with actual surgical experience can surgeons improve their skills and technique.  

Patients dead-set on an eyebrow transplant should always look for a renowned specialist. Specifically, any surgeon who offers lash transplants should already be an acclaimed hair restoration surgeon. Always to make sure to ask for before-and-after cases, if not outright references from patients.


Eyelash implants and transplants are exceedingly rare in the U.S. and we strongly discourage you from having them done. Until the 1980s, artificial hair was allowed to be implanted in the USA. Unfortunately, they led to severe cases of scarring. In addition, they can lead to infection since artificial hair functionally serves as an implant device. In the 1980s, the FDA banned them from use in the USA. Some countries still allow them such as Italy and Australia. We would discourage you from opting for such transplants. Those lacking head hair transplants will not be a candidate for eyelash transplants


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