Does CIT works on African Americans?

I am an African American man with hair loss that is seeking a hair transplant surgery, Does CIT works the same way on African American patients? Here is the answer.

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Any type of FUE hair transplantation with very curly hair requires special considerations. Very curly follicles are, in effect, very curly. Conventional instruments for FUE can easily damage these follicles without a specialist's expertise. Even with said expertise, however, some FUE techniques or instruments still do not create ideal results.

Many patients with very curly hair have undergone Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®) and the results are impressive. Skill and technique are essential for a successful CIT® procedure, but so is artistry. During consultation expect our team of experts to note subtle details in patients' photos of their previous hairline, important for a convincing and unique result. Further, very curly hair also enhances coverage, enabling patients with the hair type to achieve the same results with less grafts. Near all experts also agree that curly and very curly hair is ideal for excellent results.  

People with very curly hair also have incentive to choose CIT®. A FUE variant offering unprecedented results, CIT® leaves unnoticeable scarring and, additionally, is the only hair transplant type that leaves donor stem cell remnants. These stem cells, with the addition of ACell, regenerate in yields of 30% to 40% of the extractions. Put simply, this means that 300 to 400 additional hairs grow for every 1000 single extractions. Forhair's unique Cytokine Rich Plasma (a variant of Platelet Rich Plasma), meanwhile, compliments any transplant with a follicular activation rate of 99% in four and a half months; transplant patients without CRP must wait around a year for 100% follicular activation.

Results depend on the patient's hair and how a technique or set of instruments effects the follicles. As a precaution, most African American patients undergo a test session of 50 grafts. This enables Dr. Cole to determine if CIT® can safely extract the patients' follicles. If successful, most patients opt for a larger transplant. Contact us or schedule an online consultation today!


Generally speaking with African Americans, I recommend a test session of 50 grafts prior to scheduling a larger procedure. This is due to the curliness of most African American hair. We like to ensure that we can safely remove the hair from your donor area prior to scheduling you for a much larger procedure.


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