1 Graft = how many hair?

Most clinics count the transplanted hair by the graft, I assume it means that the more hairs in one graft will produce more transplanted hair overall. How many hairs are in one graft?

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The hair on everyone’s scalp grows in small groupings called follicular units. The normal adult has follicular units consisting of 1-5 hair follicles. With the FUE technique, Dr. Cole can isolate grafts or follicular units that contain higher hair counts. This is advantageous when working behind the frontal hairline, in the top, and in the crown region of the scalp because a single graft containing more hair provides more coverage. Last week we had a patient that had many grafts that contained high hair counts. Take a look at these groupings and notice the one’s with 7 hair follicles!

rare 7 hair graft

On the following patient, we averaged 4.1 hairs per follicular group. The patient has a large number of 5 hair six hair groups along with multiple 3 and 4 hair groups. With our FUE procedure, we average 2.7 hairs per follicular group. Strip surgery averages 2.0 hairs per graft. As usual, FUE offers a greater value for your money. Our version of FUE is called CIT.

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