What is your policy in case of complications?

What's your policy on post-op help in any case of hair transplant complications?

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Hair transplantation is a complex procedure and results depend on the surgeon's skill. Always make sure the surgeon has proper training and experience and that the clinic is reputable. Complications often result from clinics cutting corners or otherwise using subpar techniques or equipment.

An innovator of FUE with global renown, Dr. Cole takes a number of measures to lessen any chance of complications. This includes developing his namesake FUE variant, Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), as well as specialty instruments trusted by over 500 surgeons. For instance, Dr. Cole uses a unique solution at a specific temperature to keep FUE grafts; this maintains their cellular framework and prevents decay, thereby enhancing results and decreasing the chance of shock loss.

Complications from a hair transplantation can happen for any number of reasons. Clinics, of course, must follow the best practices of any medical provider. A specialty field, hair transplantation also requires pacing and considerations to both ensure the best result and decrease the risk of complications; as like all medicine.

Reputable clinics will always use a step-by-step routine for each patient. This will include a consultation, when they will typically use advanced programs to chart current hair density, and other important steps before the procedure even begins. Reputable clinics, in fact, will often have a full schedule and patients will have to wait several months, at least, to receive their procedure. Disreputable clinics, that both offer worse results and a greater chance of complications, will typically pressure for a procedure within the near future.

Forhair has global repute because of its consistently excellent results. As such, we take complication very seriously and offer free treatments when appropriate. Forhair policies are so stringent, in fact, that the very few patients who receive noticeable scars enjoy scalp micro pigmentation for free. Questions? Learn more by contacting us today!


It is up to the patient to do their due diligence in looking for a physician who routinely performs high-quality medical care. If the patient looks carefully, he will find this physician. If the patient is careless or relies on television advertisements to find his physician, he is following a risky approach that often leaves him disappointed. The hair loss message boards are an excellent source for information about hair loss solutions and the highest quality physicians.

We do quality work and our standards are very high. We take care of our patients and, although complications are very rare in our hands, we will provide support during the post-op surgery if needed.


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