Does location matter for results?

Does the location of the procedure will be held has an effect on the final result, ie. is the standard of the service in Italy or other affiliates the same as the standard of the service in Atlanta?

Category: FUE / CIT Hair Transplant FAQs

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Forhair has a number of clinics worldwide. Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, there are also Forhair clinics in Milan and Rome. All clinics feature excellent equipment and expert staff. Forhair's presence in Italy reflects Europe's current reputation for top-notch FUE. Dr. Cole is an early contributor to the field but, regionally, Europe was the first area to practice FUE before Asia and the U.S. also began.

An innovator of the field, Dr. Cole's expertise reflects itself in both excellent results and excellent techniques. Forhair clinics are some of the only in the world to offer Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), a patented FUE variant that brings excellent results. Applicable for most patients, CIT® offers many benefits over most FUE options:

  • Least invasive
  • Last likely to leave scars
  • Greater precision
  • Easier on the scalp

Such advantages, in addition to the clinics' overall skill, leads to top notch results. With CIT®, patients enjoy an average success rate of at least 97%. Other clinics in good standing, meanwhile, average 90%. This is due to a few reasons, including the equipment or devices they are use, the surgeon's and team's proficiency, and the patient's needs.

Forhair most often performs CIT® but offers other transplant options as well. These include FUT, if the best option for them, as well Body Hair Transplants (BHT) for patients who have less donor hair. A patient's viability for such transplants depend on a number of factors but Forhair also offers hair growth treatments, including a superior variant of PRP, CRP. Featuring five to eight times the growth factors and cytokines as regular PRP, CRP in fact enables Forhair patients to enjoy 99% follicular activation in four and a half months. This is more than twice the average, which is around a year.

Forhair clinics put the patient first, meaning they also emphasize consultations. This is to ensure hair transplantation is right for you. Sign up for one today!  


If Dr. Cole does the surgery, it does if it is in Atlanta or any other location. Either way, you will receive the same high-quality result. We have invested heavily in the Forhair clinic in Italy to ensure the highest standards and quality of care.


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