How many grafts does Dr. Cole place per square centimeter?

Hair transplant density is an important factor for the final results, How many grafts does Dr. Cole place per cm2?

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The grafts per square centimeter that patients receive depends on its location, the patient's available donor amount, and areas that are thinning as well their amount. How a surgeon layers the number of grafts by each centimeter depends on their technique. Almost always, however, they will first assess which areas require the most grafts and then make a decision from there.

Most studies indicate that the average, natural average density per square cm is 80 to 100 FU. However, thinning only begins to appear noticeable at 40 FU. Any hair transplant surgeon's objective, therefore, is to increase recipient areas' density to at least slightly above this level.

There are also risks involved in placing too many grafts per square centimeter. Some studies indicate the even exceeding 30 FU grafts per square centimeter can significantly decrease the overall yield. However, surgeons use different techniques and must consider each patient differently. Dr. Cole's namesake FUE variant, Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), enables him to transplant up to 45 grafts per square centimeter.

Among the least intrusive hair transplant options available, CIT® causes less trauma to the scalp than most FUE variants. It also brings a number of other benefits too, not the least being the only FUE option with an average of 30% to 40% donor regeneration with the application of ACell. Put simply, this means for every 1000 single CIT® extractions patients regenerate 300 to 400 donor follicles. Along with maintaining the overall appearance of density, such regeneration also allows patients to undergo future hair transplants if necessary.

One reason Dr. Cole typically prefers never exceeding 45 grafts per square centimeter is finite donor supply. A pioneer in hair transplant surgery, Dr. Cole's overall skill at planning for a patient's aging and future hair loss is one reason his results are so spectacular. Learn more by contacting us today!


This is highly dependent on the individual patient and deciding factors may include patient age, desired results, hair characteristics, donor supply, etc. A number of past studies have indicated that exceeding 30 grafts per square centimeter can cause yield to drop considerably. Quite frequently, yield is sacrificed when too many grafts are placed in one area. This can be a huge waste of valuable time money and limited donor supply.

Dr. Cole generally will not exceed 45 grafts per square centimeter. Although he is experienced and skilled enough to achieve very good yields at this density, his concern for his patients' long-term well-being prevents him from exceeding this level due to the likely possibility of future hair loss and a finite donor supply.


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