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Does FUE hair transplant causes shock loss?

Does your FUE hair transplant procedure causes shock loss to existing hair? If so, is the loss permanent?

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Asked 9 months ago

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No one wants this. There is no way to absolutely prevent it except to avoid hair restoration surgery. Shock loss by definition is temporary, but it may affect you ultimate coverage potential. Every follicle has a critical number of cycles it will endure prior to undergoing miniaturization that leads first to thinning and later to overt baldness. Hair that undergoes shock goes through one full cycle. If that follicle has reached its critical number, it will not grow back as strong. It will not have the same diameter, length, and pigment. All three will be attenuated. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid this when possible.

The best way to avoid this is to limit the density of grafts that we place. If we limit the density, you will produce fewer traumas. Fewer traumas reduce the risk of shock loss. Other ways to limit the trauma are to reduce the exposure of the recipient area to the toxic metabolites of ischemia reperfusion injury, limit the size of your incision site, and limit the width and length of the instrument you use to make recipient sites.

In short, there are ways to reduce the probability of shock loss, but there is no method that totally eliminates its risk.

Answered 9 months ago

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