Do I have to shave my head for a FUE - CIT procedure?

I am planning an FUE procedure soon, I heard that it is required to shave your head before, Do I have to shave my head for a FUE?

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Hair transplantation has advanced a great deal, including variants that allow patients to not shave their head for the procedure. This is actually quite unusual; most procedures in the 90s required shaving.

The introduction and prevalence of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUT), however, enabled hair transplant surgeons to keep near all hair by only necessitating that the patient's donor area is shaved. If the hair over the donor area was over an inch and half or so it can easily cover the extraction site as it heals. FUT, however, also has plenty of drawbacks, including the inevitability of a noticeable scar and long recuperation time, and this is exactly why there was a minor commotion when Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) began having no-shave variants.

FUE initially required that all patients shave their heads. This was to aid in the extraction of follicular grafts, as surgeons lacked the instruments or techniques to effectively remove follicles or transplant them into recipient areas with some degree of hair. Innovation, though, has led to several options since then and Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), Dr. Cole's namesake FUE variant, now has several no-shave options.

No-shave FUE, or CIT®, exists in several forms. The type a patient selects typically pertains to the number of transplants the require and their hairstyle. CIT®, of course, also has a shaved version and it confers one major strength over other options: transplant size, as Dr. Cole can clear a larger amount of transplants in less time due to accessibility. This is not to say, however, that no-shave CIT® also doesn't also lead to excellent results. Patients can select from two types of the variant.

  • Patch-shave CIT® involves selective shaving of donor areas to ease extraction, though there is no shaving of recipient areas
  • No-shave CIT® involves Dr. Cole and his team selecting individual donor follicles and cutting the hair strand upon each extraction.

Both patch-shave and no-shave CIT® bring major strengths to patients concerned about recovery or their immediate presentation after work. Learn more about CIT® by visiting its webpage!  


No; Dr. Cole offers his C2G, or CIT 2 Go procedure which allows you to leave your head unshaven. This procedure is also called the No Shave FUE hair transplant. He is one of the only doctors in the world skilled enough to give patients the option of leaving their donor region unshaven.


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