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Are the hair transplant photos genuine?

Are photos that are on your website genuine? If i meet your patients will they share their before and after photos?

Category: FUE / CIT Hair Transplant FAQs
Asked 7 months ago

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The photos of hair transplant procedure are absolutely genuine on our website. They are of our patients. We have thousands of additional photos, as well, but not all patients want their photos displayed. We have some patients that will be happy to meet with you, while others are not as excited about meeting with you. Those that will meet with you are happy to share their experiences. I see no reason they would not share their photos with you. You must remember that hair loss, its treatment, and cosmetic surgery in general are private matters. Most individuals seeking treatment for their hair loss do not want their information or experience shared. They do not want to risk for their friends or associates to discover their presentation for a surgical solution. Very few patients go public about their hair restoration. Even on the message boards, very few give their real name or full face photos.

Answered 7 months ago

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