Are the hair transplant photos genuine?

Are photos that are on your website genuine? If i meet your patients will they share their before and after photos?

Category: FUE / CIT Hair Transplant FAQs

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Reputable hair transplant clinics will always include genuine before and after photos. That mentioned, it is essential prospective patients also research each clinic's reputation and standing. Patients will often post reviews or feedback online, as well offer references socially.

Surgeons active in hair transplantation also receive training from experts in the procedure and typically reference these surgeons. The amount of patients of a surgeon also indicates their experience. Above all else, prospective patients will want to do research into the latest proven trends and techniques and select the appropriate clinic: there can be a lot of material to absorb and, further, patients should ask select clinics about the details of their procedures and techniques.    

Still, patients will want to review before and after photos. These photos, at the least, should leave not alter the patient's scalp and hair. There are many ways for a disreputable clinic to present results as better than they are in reality. This includes photo editing techniques such as blur, shadow effects, and lighting. Such alterations can make a transplant appear thicker or otherwise a higher quality.     

That mentioned, clinics always are grateful towards patients who volunteer before and after photos. Medicine is a private matter and most patients do not want to share their experiences or information. Clinics with a large amount of patients are more likely to find volunteers. Before and after photos from dishonest clinics, however, can even feature models or altered photos from rival clinics. The more glossed over a photo seems, however, and the more distinct its lighting, the more likely it is a result of alterations.

Patients should also be conscious that hair transplant before and after photos are static. Hairstyle effects the appearance of density, as well the appearance of the transplant's quality itself. Motion capture and talking to transplant recipients in person always provide a better idea of the transplant's quality. Please contact us if you have any questions!


The photos of hair transplant procedure are absolutely genuine on our website. They are of our patients. We have thousands of additional photos, as well, but not all patients want their photos displayed. We also have some patients that will be happy to meet with you and share their experiences. I see no reason they would not share their photos with you. You must remember that hair loss, its treatment, and cosmetic surgery in general are private matters. Most individuals seeking treatment for their hair loss do not want their information or experience shared. They do not want to risk for their friends or associates to discover their presentation for a surgical solution. Very few patients go public about their hair restoration. Even on the message boards, very few give their real name or full face photos, so please keep that in mind.


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