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Scalp Micropigmentation: You’re tattooing hair?

During a shaven FUE procedure, we completed Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) to provide a fuller effect on our patient’s thinning areas following the transplantation of 1367 grafts to the front and crown area from regions 8 and 3 using a punch size of 0.85mm2. The donor areas were treated with PRP and ACell Gel. Prior to surgery, his cross-sectional trichomentry (CST) measured 70 at mark number 32. (Ten months earlier the CST at mark number 32 was recorded at 76.) Due to the patients expressed interest in the appearance of fuller hair, he elected to receive brown SMP which was placed on the grafted areas in box 4 and the crown.

What exactly is SMP? Scalp Micropigmentation is cosmetic tattooing that resembles very short hairs on the scalp and adds color to the skin creating an appearance of thicker hair. SMP is often used in areas where the patient experiences thinning or balding patches and may not expect much regrowth from the donor hair. Patients who receive SMP often express how the tattooing resembles a finely shaven head but that they can still make out their hairline.

Body altering conservatives need not be afraid- SMP is a permanent solution however the risks of the procedure are minimal. Healing time is approximately 2 to 4 days, with no side effects. Color can be changed or restored at the patient’s discretion.

The disadvantages that SMP faces at this time are: it is not real hair and the color and pattern cannot resemble that of a longer hair. Should a patient decide to proceed with a hair transplant at a later time, any donor hair that comes from the grafted area will possess the pigmentation which will be transferred to the recipient area. Further, this procedure for the most natural results should be conducted by a professional in the hair industry since they are equipped with the appropriate tools to create the most natural look.


scalp micropigmentation


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