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We all have our reasons to choose hair transplant surgery. Be them social or professional, though, we all agree that results matter. Forhair’s unique techniques, surgical expertise, and artistic has global renown for good reason; patients enjoy consistently outstanding results. In fact, barbers usually do not realize our patients have had a procedure! This discreteness is critical for patients to feel they’re best. At Forhair, our patients often comment how their outlooks change. Near all, though, agree they see greater opportunity in themselves and their surroundings. We emphasize top-caliber results precisely because we appreciate what it means for our patients’ day-to-day.

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Our transplants grow faster and are more convincing. See why Dr. Cole is one of the industry's most renowned specialists. Forhair strives to deliver the best results possible. We use a number of unique techniques for faster growing, thicker transplants and our hair transplant photos reflect such results. One of the first practitioners of FUE hair transplant surgery worldwide, Dr. Cole's skill and artistry has major renown. His namesake FUE variant, Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), is the very first technique to enable donor restoration with the application of ACell. Patients enjoy an average 30% to 40% yield, or 300 to 400 additional hair strands for every thousand individual grafts. This unique ability receives further enhancement with Cytokine Rich Plasma (CRP), Forhair's sonicated version of PRP with five to eight times the growth factors, which leads to 99% growth in four and a half months rather than 100% growth in a year. These exclusive capabilities reflect Forhair's dedication to top-caliber results, one reason our patients are so thrilled.

Forhair offers faster growing, thicker transplants indiscernible from your original hair. As you may guess, our hair transplant photos reflect such results. One of the first practitioners of FUE worldwide, Dr. Cole's skill and artistry are evident from normal, 720p photographs.

Photos are not everything but they serve an important role when deciding on a hair transplant surgeon. Near all clinics have a section for "before and after" hair restoration photos, including Forhair. This section features hair restoration photos from a number of cases for good reason -they display consistency, quality, and pride of purpose. The major difference between Forhair and other hair transplant clinics? Our hair transplant photo sets are honest. None of our hair restoration photos receive the editing or airbrushing that other clinics use.

Photo alteration is commonplace in hair restoration clinics' before and after photo sets. Such images are over-complimentary, if not outright false. These portrayals are a major disservice to patients. Hair restoration photos, first and foremost, are a resource. They enable prospective patients to judge a clinic's results. Airbrushing before and after photos, obviously, can mislead patients and lead them to expect better results from below par surgeons using unscrupulous marketing methods. Pay attention to these telltale signs that a clinic's results photos are airbrushed.

  • Blur -Many photoshopped images include blur to make hair follicles seem less distinct and therefore thicker
  • Photo filters -Certain programs have special filters gloss-over undesirable features
  • Shade -Hair will appear denser with darker coloration
  • Bold -Adding thickness to lines can make hair strands appear more pronounced

Photo examples are sometimes not merely airbrushed. Hair restoration photos may lack detail due to bad lighting, a low pixel setting, etc. In fact, photographers can use any number of tricks to make photos look less or more appealing than actual results. This is why third party photographs and testimonials can so important. Prospective patients should, at the very least, always do follow up searches to see if websites, online comment sections, and forums include any additional information.

Forhair emphasizes unbrushed hair restoration photos for two reasons. First, every patient deserves to know what to expect. Second, no hair restoration specialist should misrepresent their results. We urge visitors to also assess other strengths of a given clinic, including the number of previous patients, ranking on large sites like RealSelf.com, and policies in the case of disappointing results or scarring. Hair restoration photos are important but reputable clinics display their capability in other ways too.

Few, if any, clinics have Forhair's policy of offering free SMP in the case of any detectable scarring. Our policy of offering free SMP reflects both our dedication to quality results and consistency in achieving them, hair restoration photos or no. Forhair's proven methodology and cutting-edge research has improved the lives of over 14,000 patients. Schedule a video consultation today to learn more! We only require 720p resolution to offer an accurate assessment.