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Common questions and answers about the hair transplant surgery process, details about the techniques, medications involved, and what to expect from the procedure.

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  • What part of the surgery does Dr. Cole perform?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair
    Dr. Cole does the punching of the grafts in the CIT procedure and the cutting of the strip in the STRIP procedure. He also does the cutting of the slits in both procedures. All incisions are made by the Dr. only.
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  • How much pain and swelling will I experience?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair
    Pain differs from patient to patient however the CIT procedure is described by our patients as being quite a bit less painful than the STRIP procedure. This is because it is a non-evasive surgery.
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  • What can I do if swelling does occur?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair
    Nothing, just wait for it to diminish. However, to avoid swelling take the Prednisone given to you to try to prevent it. Some will experience anyway. To reduce swelling, apply ice packs to the area. 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off. Sleep at a 45 degree incline so the fluid will drain backwards not into the front.
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  • Who will shave my head for the CIT procedure? And what parts will be shaved?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair

    Dr. Cole's trained techs will shave the donor area which consists of the back of the head and over the ears. The recipient area is not usually shaved.

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  • How long will I be in the chair each day?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair
    For a 1500-3000 graft CIT procedure or a 2000-3000 graft STRIP procedure : 4-8 hours +. You may bring a pillow.
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  • What about lunch?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair

    We provide sandwiches, chips and juice. You are welcome to bring your own if you prefer. (Our recommended hotels have kitchenettes where you can cook for your self).

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  • Confidentially is very important to me… who will know that I am there?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair

    Only your patient coordinator and Dr. Cole will know you. We try very hard to protect your privacy. Also, the techs once surgery begins. The hotel staff respect our patient's confidentiality, which is just one of the reasons that we recommend them.

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  • Can I get more grafts than I scheduled?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair
    If time allows and Dr. Cole deems it is in your best interest and if the grafts are coming easily.
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