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Before Surgery (Pre-Operative) FAQs

Common questions and answers on how prepare yourself for the surgery, Things you can do, what to avoid and ways to prevent complications, what to prepare prior to your surgery.

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  • What medications do i need to avoid before surgery?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair

    • Do not take Aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory medications 7-14 days prior to your procedure. Many prescription or non-prescription, over-the-counter products such as Advil, Alka-Seltzer, Bufferin, Excedrin, Empirin, Nu-Prin, Motrin, Ibuprofen, etc., should be avoided. If you are unsure, ask the doctor or your pharmacist.

    • Do not take tricyclc antidepressants such as Desyrel or Trazadone, blood thinners such as heparin and coumandin, nicacin, accutane, beta blockers, and MAO inhibitors 10 to 14 days prior to your procedure. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY TAKING ANY OF THESE MEDICATIONS WHEN SCHEDULING YOUR PROCEDURE.

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  • Do i need to mention any medical condition?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair

    If you have ANY medical conditions, please notify the office immediately!, do not wait until the week prior to surgery. Medical conditions include but are not limited to : High blood pressure, heart murmur, diabetes, blood disorders (easy clotting etc.), Hepatitis, Asthma, Epilepsy, Liver problems, or any condition that you are under a doctors care for.

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  • What do i need to do in the morning of my surgery?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair

    The morning of your procedure take a bath or shower and wash your hair thoroughly using regular shampoo. After shampooing, please rinse thoroughly and use a fresh clean towel to dry your hair. Do not apply sprays or gels to your hair. If you wear a hairpiece or hair system, please make sure it is removed prior to your morning shower and not replaced before your procedure.

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  • Can i eat food at the day of my surgery?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair

    Be certain to eat breakfast the morning of your procedure. If you are scheduled for surgery in the afternoon have a light lunch before you arrive.

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  • Is smoking allowed before my surgery?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair

    Try not to smoke any tobacco products at least 24 hours prior to your procedure as smoking will slow down healing and increase the chances of wound infection and scarring.

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  • Can i drink alcohol before my surgery?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair

    Do not drink any alcoholic beverage at least 3 days prior to your procedure. In addition, do not drink coffee or any other caffeinated or carbonated beverages the day of your procedure. Carbonated drinks are to be avoided for 3 days following the procedure. These substances will increase bleeding and your sensitivity to medications used during the procedure.

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  • Can i take vitamins, herbal or botanical products before my surgery?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair

    Do not take any multivitamins including vitamin B and vitamin E for one week before your procedure as they will increase bleeding. In addition, do not take any herbal or botanical products one week prior to your procedure.

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  • Can i keep my hair long or do i need to shave it?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair

    These are the options for treating your hair before selected procedures:

    1) SHAVEN DONOR AREA (Strip FUT or Partial-shaven method) - For full shaven the donor be shaved to the scalp with a zero guard, for partial-shaven the back of head will be shaved to the scalp with a  or a #1 clipper (the whole back of head) and above ears. If you have prior scarring, it will be visible until hair grows out.

    2) NO SHAVE DONOR AREA (C2G) - Hair must be at least 1 inch in length, preferably 2-2.5 inches (This technique requires Dr. Cole to cut one at a time individual follicular units.). If you hair is too short, there are two options:
    (1) We can shave your frontal region its normal length at the time of the procedure and that area will not have to be shaved; only the donor areas will be shaved.
    (2) Cancel the procedure and forfeit what has been paid.

    3) BODY HAIR - This technique uses available body hair as filler. Body hair cannot be used in the frontal hairline. We cannot guarantee this type of surgery due to the unknown difficulties or ease of extraction. Whereas, some individuals have shown results within 13-15 months there are some individuals that may experience a slower and/or no growth period resulting in no results or results inside 23-24 months plus. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE BODY HAIR RESULTS.

    Wet shave your body (Chest) hair against the grain 2 days prior to procedure. Wet shave your body (Chest) hair against the grain 2 days prior to procedure.
    Wet shave your Beard Hair against the grain 1 day prior to procedure.

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  • Can i drive during the day of the surgery?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair

    You may be receiving medications during the STRIP procedure that can make you drowsy. Because of this we strongly recommend that you do not drive the day of your procedure.

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  • If i have body hair transplant, do i need to shave my body hair?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   forhair

    If having a body hair transplant or a CIT Donor Recharging procedure you must wet shave "shave all the body hair with shaving cream and a blade razor” 4 days prior to starting surgery date.

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