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First Contact FAQs

Common questions and answers about the first steps to contact our clinic for hair transplant surgery, how to contact, ways to schedule a consultation , Financing, prescription for Propecia and more...

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  • How do I get started?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   itay

    First, you need a consultation from Dr. Cole. You may do a photo consult or a in-person consult. Your patient coordinator will send you all the information in the welcome email. As a courtsey sometimes Dr. Cole will travel to you... in this case there will be a nominal charge of $50.

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  • Do you have a patient referral list? Can I see other patients in person?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   itay
    Yes, please ask your patient coordinator to provide you with the list of names. We have patients that are willing to speak with you on the phone, via email and some will even meet with you in person.
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  • Why do I have to wait months to see Dr. Cole?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   itay
    Dr. Cole's in-person consults fill-up quickly. So if you want to set an appointment you need to act quickly. We have a waiting list... so get on it for your area.
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  • I have been waiting a month to hear from Dr. Cole about my photo consult. What is taking so long?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   itay
    Dr. Cole performs surgeries Monday-Friday and travels to do consults on the week-end. He has a very large stack of charts for photo consults on his desk at all times that he evaluates as time allows. If you submitted your photos and it has been a month and you have not heard from Dr. Cole, check with your patient coordinator.
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  • Where is the surgery performed?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   itay
    Hair transplant surgery done by Dr. Cole are performed only in Atlanta , Georgia USA aaAt this time. We have affiliates and alternatives for patient from Asia, Call the office for more.
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  • What determines who is a candidate for the different procedures and who it not?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   itay
    Your age, your current NW scale along with what you have left to work with, caliber, curliness of the hair and color of your hair. This is just some of the factors that Dr. Cole takes into consideration.
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  • Can a female get a hair transplant?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   itay

    Yes, but only after first making sure there are no underlying reasons for the hair loss.

    • 1. Before Dr. Cole consults with female patients, they must show documentation and test results that they have seen a nutritionist, an endocrinologist, and had their hormone and thyroid levels checked and they have to be referred for a hair transplant by their physician.
    • 2. Hair loss in women is a specialized category. One must first check for anemia, excessive male hormones, thyroid function, rheumatoid diseases, and other medical problems.
    • 3. Dr. Cole wants to know if a woman has facial hair, do they have children, have they gained weight, lost weight, do they have a rash, joint problems?
    • 4. He always considers a hyper-active thyroid, a hypo-active thyroid, anemia, and hormonal issues. Usually we do not find them. If you have children, this suggests normal hormones, but we still look for a hyper androgen state such as over active adrenal glands. Tests you will need include hemoglobin to check for anemia, a T4 and TSH to check the thyroid, and then he needs to know if there are male features such as facial hair. If there is some please check for Dehydroepiandrosterone.
    • 5. You need two biopsies. It is very important to have a dermatopathologist read the biopsies. You must do two 4mm biopsies and they must have some hair in them. If there is no hair, only skin, then the biopsies will not tell them anything. Therefore, the person who takes the biopsy must know what they are doing and the person who reads the biopsy must know what they are doing.
    • 6. The tests needed are as follows: Hormone levels (DHEAS, Testosterone, Androstenedione, Prolactin, Follicular Stimulating Hormone, and Leutinizing Hormone) Serum Iron, Serum Ferritin,TIBC (Total Iron Binding capacity)
    Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) VDRL Complete Blood Count (CBC)

    B. Clinical History needed is:

    • * Are you on any medications? If so, what medications and why?
    • * How long has the hair loss been occurring?
    • * Is the hair falling out fully intact, or is it breaking?
    • * Family history of diabetes, asthma, arthritis, lupus, vitiligo, anemia, or Addison's disease?
    • * Have you recently given birth, or gone through menopause?
    • * Are you under a lot of stress?
  • How do I get a prescription for Propecia, Proscar or Avodart?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   itay
    First, you need a in-person consultation. Second, if you have not had surgery with Dr. Cole than there is an annual fee of $85. If you have had surgery with Dr. Cole the prescriptions are a complimentary service that Dr. Cole provides. The prescription is written for a one year supply. Everyone also needs a consent form for the drug they are taking to be on file in their chart. We have a mail order service that will save you money and deliver right to your door... contact us for further details.
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  • I want to schedule a procedure. Now what do I do?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   itay
    With your consultation results in your hand, how many grafts your desire and your decision about which procedure and method you are doing… contact your patient coordinator to get dates that are available. If you would like more grafts then recommended it will have to be approved by Dr. Cole. He will only allow the amount that will give you your desired results yet still be healthy for you and in your best interest.
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  • If I call today, how soon can I schedule a procedure?

    Sunday,5 May 2013   itay
    Probably about 1-2 months give or take however, Dr. Cole is usually booked 2-3 months out so prepare ahead. Check his online schedule.
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