02 Mar

Treatment Trial for Hair Loss Secondary to Alopecia Areata

Prp Injection This is an example of extreme alopecia areata. The affected area includes the eyebrows, front of the scalp, sides of the scalp, top of the scalp, the side burns, and part of the back of the scalp.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune cause of hair loss.  Often times it will result in isolated circles of hair loss.  It often activates during periods of stress.  The cause of this form of hair loss is poorly understood.  It is often treated with topical or injected steroids.

We treated the area by injecting a combination of the patients own platelet rich plasma (PRP) and thrombin.  The thrombin activates the PRP and the platelets release their growth factors.  Prior to treating the area with PRP, we used a 1 mm microneedle in 4 different directions to stimulate the scalp.  After injecting the combination of PRP and thrombin, we covered the area and left a coating of PRP on the surface of the scalp.  The patient will remove the dressing in the morning and then wash the scalp. 

Joe Greco has found that such treatments can be valuable in the treatment of severe forms of alopecia areata. 

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