Plug Redistribution Repair

Outdated and unnatural hair transplant techniques, such as the old “plug” style of large grafts, can cause extreme distress and emotional pain in hair loss patients who may have had their first (and sometimes, last) hair transplant procedure many years ago.  These grafts were harvested using large punches, as big around as a pencil, and then placed in the balding areas. Although these grafts may have given the impression of good density initially, as the surrounding hair was eventually lost, the patient was left with an embarrassing and unnatural “corn row” or “doll’s hair” appearance.  As techniques improved, smaller grafts became the standard but were still, by no means, natural in appearance.  Thus, we still see patients with larger, inappropriately placed 2, 3 and 4-hair grafts on the frontal hairline.

The development of CIT® hair transplant, along with the tools the technique utilizes, has made it possible to correct such poorly planned and executed hair transplants.  Prior to CIT®, the only ways to repair these cases were to cut out a “strip” across the hairline to remove the “pluggy” appearance (which, of course, left a linear scar right across the front of the head, requiring many single hair grafts to even attempt camouflage), or to use a small punch to core out and “dig” out the grafts (a crude method at best).

Now, with CIT®, we have the ability to re-harvest each of the large grafts, or the individual follicular units (hair groups) from within larger plugs.  This repair procedure may sometimes take more than one or two “passes” but it can truly transform a patient’s appearance and restore their self esteem.

The hair in my scars are also growing! The hairline looks great and I could not be happier unless I grew all of my hair back. Thank you for working on me and repairing Dr. Rossanelli's mess I really do appreciate it.

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