25 Apr

Patient Guide to Surgical Hair Restoration

In choosing your hair restoration surgeon it is important that they be completely dedicated to the field of hair restoration. If they participate in other medical procedures or have other medical interests, they cannot have the understanding to provide the highest level of competence in the field of hair restoration surgery. It is also important that they be members of the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgery (www.iahrs.org) and that they be recommended by the Hair Transplant Network (www.hairsite.com). These prestigious consumer advocacy seals of approval insure your physician has the ability to create the most aesthetic result for you and the experience you deserve. The physicians at Forhair - Cole Hair Transplant Atlanta meet the stringent criteria necessary to insure your result will be world class.

This PDF bellow discusses the theory and science behind hair restoration surgery. Our physicians are constantly researching on their own and learning from others so that you can always depend on the most state of the art procedure from our physicians.



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