Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

A number of non-surgical, hair loss solutions are available to those suffering from hair loss. Some of these include hairpieces, concealment products, hair building fibers, and the laser comb.

Hair Replacements (Hairpieces, Hair Systems)

Hair SystemHairpieces may be a good solution for individuals with excessive hair loss but not for the individual who is young and has minimal hair loss. Once you begin wearing a hairpiece, you will have a hard time stopping. They are hot to wear in the summer and require monthly maintenance to keep them looking their best. You will also have to deal with the constant concern that you will be unmasked. The materials used to make a hairpiece may be either synthetic or human hair, with human hair producing the more superior product. Asia remains the leading source for hair; however, European hair is the more highly valued. Wigs and hairpieces vary in cost and quality. Some are manufactured in bulk and less expensive, while others are hand-made, therefore, making them higher quality and more highly priced. Prices can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $5,000.

Toppik and Concealers

2765 TppkToppik, Couvre, and Dermatch are all concealment products. They help make your hair appear thicker and reduce the contrast between your hair and the areas of thinning or baldness. Toppik provides color-matched micro-fibers that bind to the hair and make your hair appear thicker. The effects can last for up to two days if hair is left unwashed. Couvre is an alopecia masking lotion that reduces the contrast between your scalp and hairline. Dermatch is a hard-packed powder formula that is applied by rubbing on hair or scalp and brushing. Each application will last until the next time hair is washed.

LaserComb - HairMax

LaserCombThe HairMax LaserComb is an FDA cleared tool that has been shown to improve hair counts and/or reduce hair loss in multiple studies. It produces its effects through phototherapy, and has a patented hair-parting device that permits light to extend to the scalp. The most recent study to date was published January 2014 confirming the benefits the lasercomb could have on terminal hair growth at least over a short 26-week period. More studies need to be completed to establish the ideal length of treatment and result.

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