18 Dec

Improving Hypopigmented Donor Extraction Sites with SMP

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Our patient today came to see Dr. Cole to add more density to his frontal area and crown. He opted for our shaven procedure and noticed some visible hypopigmented FUE donor scars from his previous surgery with another doctor. As you can see, his hair is dark and extends down into his scalp about 4mm. The undisturbed hair in his donor region has a natural "tinting" effect upon his skin, giving it a grayish flesh tone. This natural tone is disturbed by the white extraction site dotting known as hypopigmentation. Correcting our patients skin tone in the hypopigmented areas via SMP, has made a world of difference and helps to blend the scars in with our patient’s virgin scalp.

Our patient's previous doctor placed his hairline way too low at about 5cm above his eyebrows. The hairline design is too straight and does not make efficient use of his limited scalp donor supply.


Hairline Low

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