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Welcome to our hair transplant video section. We have included examples of CIT (FUE), BHT, scar grafting and repair, C2G, plug removal, and close-ups of results and of tissue samples to show how the techniques we use are unique. We also included some patient testimonials and hair restoration information videos by Dr. Cole. Dr. Cole discusses his use of ACell in patients receiving CIT and how it activates stem cells to regenerate hair follicles, having success rate as high as 60% in some patients. He also talks briefly about STRIP scars and how they can widen with repeated STRIP procedures.

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Cole Hair Transplant
Cole Hair Transplant5/5 based on164 ratings.
Brilliant work by Dr Cole!
Hi Dr Cole,
Thanks for your brilliant work on my crown on Monday
I am recovering well.
This time there is virtually no post op discomfort compared to the striplast t

Rating: 5star
5 out of5

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