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Cole Instruments, Incorporated (CII) produces tools developed specifically for Follicular Unit Extractions (FUE) Hair Restoration Surgeons. These tools were established to decrease the rate of follicular transection and improve the hair transplant process. CII manufactures four different styles of punches to accommodate the needs of both the patients and the surgeons. They include the Classic CII Punch, Serrounded Punches, CII Best Value Non-Coated Punches, and the CII Best Value Titanium Nitride Coated Punch, each of which have its own characteristics that make it unique. Dr. Cole designed these punches from hardened steel to produce the sharpest achievable punches.

Hair Restoration - Best FUE Punches

The punches are available in multiple sizes, ranging from 0.85mm to 1.30mm, depending on the type of punch desired. The Classic CII Punch is designed for use with the CIT Manual Punch Handle, while the Serrounded Punches are made specifically for use with the Powered Cole Isolation Device (PCID). The CIT Manual Punch Handle will accommodate punches from 0.85mm to 1.35mm. The CIT Manual Punch Handle is the only device of its kind for performing the manual Cole Isolation Technique, which is based off the minimal depth principal. Manual CIT yields the lowest rate of transection and is faster than any other type of manual FUE. The PCID is the only mechanical device on the market for FUE, and it has the lowest rate of follicle transection of any mechanical device on the market. Not only is mechanical FUE using the PCID faster than manual CIT, but also, it has proven to be 2 to 3 times faster than other mechanical extractors. Both of these devices allow for minimal depth control and decrease the risk of damage to the hair follicle. In fact, using these tools, Dr. Cole has a transection rate of less than 3%.

If you are a doctor looking for the best available FUE hair transplant punches on the market, or if you are a patient who prefers that the doctor who operates on you uses the best punches available, you need to check and the CII Punches. Cole Instruments offers the sharpest cutting edge available; the punches are ideal for manual use or for use with a mechanical extractor.

This video demonstrates an FUE operation using various CII tools:

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PCID -  Powered Cole Isolation Device   

C-ID Revolutionary Counting-Device for Hair Restoration

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