Procedure: CIT
Total grafts: 3200
Sessions: 1
Norwood scale: 5

We frequently treat transgender patients who wish to become more feminine. The patient had 3200 grafts placed on the top and front of the scalp using the PCID (Programmable Power Cole Isolation Device); the grafts were harvested at a rate of over 2000 per hour!

Her goal was to treat the area of hair loss for a more acceptable feminine appearance, and she planned to use a wig. Instead, due to the success of the hair transplant surgery, she decided to also place more grafts on the crown area.

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Phoca Thumb M Woman
Phoca Thumb M Transgender
Phoca Thumb M Trs1
Before front
Phoca Thumb M Trs2
After Front
Phoca Thumb M Trs3
Before top
Phoca Thumb M Trs4
After top

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