Procedure: Strip
Total grafts: 2680
Sessions: 1
Norwood scale: 3A

Below are pre-op and post-op photo comparisons that depict a five-year anniversary result of a class 3A, potential class 4A patient, who desired an overall thicker front and a scar revision to improve the appearance of his linear scar. The pre-op photos reveal the wispy, under-developed front with extreme miniaturization. The patient has medium fine, wavy hair and well above average donor density of about 210 hairs per square centimeter (180 hairs/cm2 being about the average). In 2004, Dr. Cole treated this patient by performing a scar revision/strip that yielded 2680 grafts. These grafts were strategically transferred to the front to redefine the hairline and minimize trauma to surrounding follicular units.

Icon Up Images
Phoca Thumb M Comparison
Phoca Thumb M Before And After Side View
before and after side view
Phoca Thumb M Before And After Front View
before and after front view
Phoca Thumb M Before And After Graft Placement
before and after graft placement

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