Procedure: Strip
Total grafts: 2200
Sessions: 1
Norwood scale: 6

These before and after pictures are 4 months apart in time. A single session of 2200 grafts was performed in February and he returned for these pictures in June. While not everyone can expect this rapid growth, it does occur and is possible. A bald spot was left in the vertex or crown. Baldness begins as a recession in the frontal peaks and in the upper vertex or crown. This gentleman was restored except for a small bare spot in the upper vertex or crown and early signs of thinning in the frontal temples. In this manner he was brought back naturally to a much more youthful appearance. Many physicians prefer to perform a frontal forelock and leave a huge bald spot in the vertex. This type of hair loss never occurs in nature and is completely unnatural to recreate. By reducing the amount of grafted surface area, we were able to recreate a much fuller appearance with fewer grafts. The patient can always return to strengthen the hairline and fill in the bare spot at another time and as his finances allow.

Icon Up Images
Phoca Thumb M After Photos
after photos
Phoca Thumb M Before 2200 Grafts Crown
before 2200 grafts crown
Phoca Thumb M Before 2200 Grafts Front
before 2200 grafts front
Phoca Thumb M Before 2200 Grafts Side
before 2200 grafts side
Phoca Thumb M Before 2200 Grafts Top
before 2200 grafts top
Phoca Thumb M Before And After Comparison
before and after comparison

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