Procedure: Strip
Total grafts: 5000
Sessions: 1
Norwood scale: 6

This is a Class 6 after 5000 grafts and a midline elliptical scalp reduction. Notice that with "homerun" hair that the combination of grafts and a scalp reduction resulted in the best combination for coverage. Even with the hair completely wet, you cannot perceive a scar. He went on to receive and additional 3000 grafts with tremendous resulting coverage. After only 5000 grafts, the vertex or crown (back of the scalp) appears thin but natural. This is the objective with any procedure - to leave you natural with gradual incremental increases in coverage based on your desire. This patient appears excellent after only 5000 grafts, but his desires were greater. He went on to request 2500 additional grafts. Please note, scalp reductions are not for everyone. They can result in scars in the visible bald area. They result in greater post-operative discomfort and there is a risk you will regret having one done. With total follicular group transplantation, these risks are minimized to the point that the worst-case scenario is you want only more coverage because the results are so natural. It must be remembered that only by reducing the bald scalp can you attain the maximal degree of coverage.

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Phoca Thumb M Before And After Comparison
before and after comparison

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