Procedure: Strip
Total grafts: 1500
Sessions: 2
Norwood scale: 3

This patient received two 1500-graft sessions. The pre-existing terminal and vellus hairs were a tremendous help after only one session. Two sessions resulted in outstanding coverage. The hairline is soft, irregular and natural. The benefits of total follicular group transplantation are evident. This type of density is mathematically not possible with combination grafting. Total follicular unit grafting results in a poorer yield, which has been documented in previous studies. The advantages of follicular group transplantation are clear. Most physicians who practice hair transplantation do not achieve the type of yield we do. This is due to our ability to minimize waste through our superior techniques and close scrutiny of our entire staff, as well as, our procedure. We are detailed, obsessive, and unrelenting in our expectations. This is a result from 1993. Most physicians have only recently adopted this type of quality hair restoration. We invented techniques, preached their virtues, and waited patiently while the consumer demanded that antiquated "pluggy" techniques be abandoned. You can rest assured that our procedures have only gotten better since the early 1990’s. While others have been learning our techniques, we have been advancing them - always staying several steps ahead.

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Phoca Thumb M Comparison
Phoca Thumb M Before And After Front
Phoca Thumb M Before And After Comperison  Side
Phoca Thumb M After Top

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