Procedure: Scar Repair, CIT grafting
Total grafts: 300
Sessions: 1

This patient had a procedure 14 months ago. He had 300 CIT grafts placed into his scar. The work results are fantastic. Notice how the pinkish color in the before pictures has been dramatically reduced in the after photos. We have noticed reduction in color with some patients that have had CIT grafted into a scar, and it is definitely helping along with the added growth with the overall appearance of the donor scar. The growth is excellent and the patient is very happy with the results.

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Phoca Thumb M 14 Months Comparison
14 months comparison
Phoca Thumb M Before And After 8 Months
before and after 8 months
Phoca Thumb M 14 Months Comparison With Donor
14 months comparison with donor
Phoca Thumb M 8 Months And 14 Months Comparison
8 months and 14 months comparison

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