Procedure: Scar Repair, Plug Redistribution
Total grafts: 160 on scar
Sessions: 1

Before coming to our clinic in April of '08, this patient went to a well-known clinic to have a strip (FUT) hair transplant session performed. To make the situation even worse, the patient's frontal hairline was mangled with large plugs. The patient's goal was to repair the 5mm strip scar that ran from ear to ear (30 centimeters), minimize the appearance of the darker pigmented plugs on the front, and repair the mangled orientation of the hair line.

Dr. Cole transplanted approximately 160 CIT grafts to treat this patient's strip scar and removed 180 plugs from the front hairline. We are pleased that this patient now has the ability to wear a much shorter hairstyle on top and in the back (donor area).

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Phoca Thumb M Pluggyness From Strip
Phoca Thumb M Pluggyness And Grafting Scar

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