Procedure: Scar Repair, CIT
Total grafts: 1300

Below are pre-op and post-op photos of a donor area that was previously harvested via strip (FUT). Because the patient was prepared for his second procedure at our clinic, the post-op photo shows blue marks on the donor area. Five months ago, the patient came to our clinic to have the strip scar grafted via CIT. Approximately 130 CIT grafts were placed in the scar shown below. The patient is amazed that the scar is much less visible, and he should now have the ability to wear a shorter hairstyle.

Scars from strip surgery can widen over time but can usually be grafted at about 6 months after the strip procedure. Growth into scars can sometimes be difficult to achieve due to low blood supply on the scarred area. Blood supply is necessary for survival of the transplanted grafts. Typical hair transplant procedures that don't involve scar tissue typically have higher yield rates than those involving scar tissue. The correction of strip scars may require more than one session to yield the most significant cosmetic result.

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Phoca Thumb M Scar After 5 Months
scar after 5 months

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