Procedure: Repair, CIT
Sessions: 1

This patient had a very un-natural hairline by one of the top Doctors via strip...i will not say his name ,He came to Dr Cole to have a repair procedure to refine his hairline and the outcome is a very natural looking.Dr cole use the CIT to punch the 2-3 hair grafts in the hairline and placed them again in ones.

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Bad hair transplant repair with CIT

Icon Up Images
Phoca Thumb M Before The Plug Redistribution Close Up
before the plug redistribution close up
Phoca Thumb M Immediate Post Op Front
immediate post-op front
Phoca Thumb M Immediate Post Op Left Side
immediate post-op left side
Phoca Thumb M After Hairline
after hairline
Phoca Thumb M After Hairline Revealed
after hairline revealed

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