Procedure: CIT
Total grafts: 2300
Sessions: 1
Norwood scale: 4A

In 2004, this class 3 came to Dr. Cole for CIT repair. Prior to coming to Dr. Cole, the patient had cobble stoning, pitting, and plugs on the frontal hairline from a well-known clinic he used in 2002. The patient's goal was to cautiously add density without sacrificing naturalness on top. The second goal was to obtain a more natural look and add density to the temple recessions. Temple recession can actually make patients look older than those having recession in the crown. The patient had many large (11-hair) follicular units just beyond the hairline and large grafts along the entire hairline. Larger grafts placed onto the hairline create an unsightly and pluggy hair transplant that can often times be demoralizing to the patient. The patient has thick, coarse, slightly wavy hair and average donor density of 180 hairs per square centimeter.

Dr. Cole's treatment for this patient consisted of an arsenal of custom devices to repair this patient's bad hair transplants from years ago. Several hundred plugs were removed, and redistributed to the frontal third to add density. The second session consisted of a couple hundred small grafts to camouflage the donor scarring as a result of the out-of-date hair transplant procedures performed from 1997 to 2002. Also in 04,' Dr. Cole redirected several follicular units to fine-tune the entire frontal scalp. The last session performed by Dr. Cole consisted of the transfer of 900 CIT grafts from the donor area to achieve density. The last session was performed to achieve maximal density to the entire frontal scalp.

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Phoca Thumb M Cit 900 Wet And Dry  1
Phoca Thumb M After Front Wet
after front wet
Phoca Thumb M Cit 900 Wet And Dry  3
Phoca Thumb M Cit 900 Wet And Dry  4
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