This is a repair case Dr. Cole began in June of 2008.  The patient received pluggy-looking grafts from another clinic and desired a much more natural result.  
There are two ways Dr. Cole can approach a repair case.  One approach is akin to bulldozing a house, in which he basically removes everything at once and ‘rebuilds’.  With this method, the patient will be left with much less hair for a time.  The other method, and the one that this patient opted for, is a lengthier process but much more subtle and allows the patient to retain his hair throughout.  
In the first step, Dr. Cole adds more natural size grafts in front of and around the pre-existing plugs.  This eliminated the see-through appearance and softens the pluggy appearance.  Although softened, the patient is still left with too high of a density in the plugs.  In a second session Dr. Cole began to gradually reduce the size of the plugs to a more natural size hair grouping. This dramatically reduces the pluggy appearance even more. 
During the first session, Dr. Cole created a more natural hairline and the patient was left with a thin ‘sheet’ of hair behind which remained a wall of plugs.  Gradually, more plugs are removed selectively during each procedure until he achieved a sufficiently natural appearance throughout. We anticipate this patient will need one more small procedure to achieve his desired result.

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Phoca Thumb M Before And After Comparison
before and after comparison
Phoca Thumb M Before Front
before front
Phoca Thumb M Before Left Side View
before left side view
Phoca Thumb M After Repair And Re Placement Front
after repair and re-placement front
Phoca Thumb M After Repair And Re Placement Top
after repair and re-placement top
Phoca Thumb M After Repair And Re Placement Top 2
after repair and re-placement top 2
Phoca Thumb M After Front
after front
Phoca Thumb M After Left Side View
after left side view

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