In July 2011, this patient visited Dr. Cole and his staff our clinic in Alpharetta, GA to undergo his first hair transplant. The procedure took a total of 3 days to complete. Prior to his decision to undergo hair transplant surgery, this patient had been using Propecia to treat his androgenetic alopecia. While Propecia can be quite effective in maintaining hair loss, this patient ultimately wanted a fuller head of hair. During his 3 days at Cole Hair Transplant, the patient received a total of 4288 scalp hair grafts on his frontal hairline and crown areas. Body hair transplant (BHT) was also performed on this patient, utilizing hair from his beard. A total of 572 beard hair grafts were placed in addition to the scalp hair grafts. ACell and PRP were applied during his surgeries to aid in hair growth and donor regeneration. Our patient is quite satisfied with his results and is excited about his new look.
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