In this section of our photo gallery, patients’ fully matured results are shown. Each patient has approved the use of these photos, and each patient has provided the photos to us. Being that the photos were supplied from the patient, we are not in control of their quality.

Typically, we prefer to capture the results of each patient’s results at our photo lab, but not all of our patients can return for the photo session. Remember, the quality of these particular photos have no bearing on the quality of each patient's procedure.

The following patients had a hair transplant procedure with the Cole Group:

Icon Up Images
Phoca Thumb M Comparison
Patient ZOX
Phoca Thumb M Comparison
Patient ITA
Phoca Thumb M Before And After Front
Patient KAL
Phoca Thumb M After 2650 Cit Grafts
Patient MAM
Phoca Thumb M Before And After Dry Hair
Patient DAW
Phoca Thumb M 1100 Frontal Hair Line
Patient CAG
Phoca Thumb M Comparison
Patient HKR
Phoca Thumb M Comparison
Patient MOH
Phoca Thumb M Before Photo Taken By The Patient
Patient CLI
Phoca Thumb M 0.before After Compare
Patient CIR
Phoca Thumb M Patient Ooo Before After 13 Months Comparison
Patient OOO

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