This photograph depicts a hair transplant patient who just received 2500 grafts in a 90 square centimeter bald surface area of his scalp. His hair loss had progressed to a class 4 status. He had additional hair thinning behind the bald area. He was advised to take propecia to treat the areas of hair loss that exhibited signs of thinning. He was treated with a hair transplant to the areas just in front of this that were bald or in a more advanced stage of balding. His hair transplant procedure consisted of multiple follicular unit size grafts that were inserted into customized hair transplant sites that ranged from 0.96 mm in width to 1.63 mm in width. In our offices, every hair transplant patient is treated with a customized hair transplant procedure.

If the follicular units are larger, the sites between the recipient sites must be smaller. If the follicular units are smaller or the skin is more elastic, the sites between the recipient sites can be much smaller and the size of the recipient sites on the hair transplant patient can be much smaller. In this individual, the follicular unit density approached 28 follicular units per square centimeter. 28 follicular units per square centimeter equate to only 35% of the average donor area density in this hair transplant patient.

Typically, the hair transplant patient must reach 41% of the density of the donor area in a bald area or area of complete hair loss before the illusion of coverage is reached. This fact is elucidated elsewhere in our site. If the patient has exceptionally coarse or curly hair, the density of hair transplant grafts may be less to meet the requirements for the illusion of coverage. Much finer hair may require far more hair transplant grafts to give the illusion of coverage. In this case, the 2500 grafts were placed within the blue line, and the photograph was taken immediately at the end of the procedure. The infrequent red spots live over one or two hair transplant grafts and will turn brown or the same color as the patient's hair within a few hours after the hair transplant.

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